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We specialize in real-estate photography and come with decades of experience to bring out the best in your listings​

3D Virtual Tours

We use the latest technologies, MatterPort Pro 2, to capture, scan and upload any indoor environment

Residential & commercial

We help agents, vendors, businesses, investors and others digitize space in residential & commercial photography & 3D Tours

Give Your Clients The Best Possible Experience

Ahvendre is a one stop media shop for the commercial and residential real-estate industry. We offer the quality media services to help you promote your properties. As a young team we have 20 years experience and services some of the top brands and companies.


The Heart Of Your Listing

We take bright, beautiful photos to make your listings look big without using an ultra wide angle lens that can cause distortion and exaggerate size. Our photos look natural, crisp and dynamic and our photographers use the same processing techniques to ensure a consistent look over time


Ahvendre.com uses the latest technology from Matterport to create a virtual tour of your space.. From the comfort of anywhere in the world, buyers & sellers, investors or shareholders can leverage your 3D tour to gain insights into the layout and features of your space.

Our 3D tours can be hosted on any website or social media platform and add instant value to your brand. A powerful tool for residential & commercial real-estate agents, property owners, contractors, shareholder-meetings etc. Our 3D tours save time, traveling fees and hassles. 

4k Matterport 2.0 Pro Camera

"The perfect tool for the modern real-estate agent"


Get started by deciding on which package based on the size of the space
you want scanned & photographed


Includes 1,000 sq ft.
$ 200
  • 3D Tour
  • Photos Included
  • 1000 sq ft Included
  • if >1,000 sq go to...
  • ..go to House package-->


Includes 2,000 sq ft.
$ 310
  • 3D Tour
  • Photos Included
  • 2000 sq ft Included
  • if >2,000 sq ft add...
  • $50/1000 sqft

Extras & Add-ons


Floor Plans
$ 45 3 day delivery

Branding for

3D Tour
$ 45 Removes Matterport

Video for

Social media
$ 150 Promotional

3 services

$ 149 all 3 services for $149

Get all 3 services for $149 save $90

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Our photographers do it all!

Branded Services


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Branded 3D Tours

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