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Perhaps it’s the slow shots, or the powerful music, but vendors and buyers love residential videos. Not many agents do these anymore, but Montreal’s Top agent does (with us) and there’s a reason for that. Videos get higher status that text and photos and offer a natural SEO boost. Vendors appreciate the extra effort and buyers are likely to watch it several times. Use them to promote your listings, and re-use them for marketing.

Experienced professional videographers

Experience means stylistic quality, it means we almost never have to go back and fix something. It means your video is more beautiful and clients are more satisfied.


24 Frames per second (fps) for cinematic feel or slow motion. 60 FPS for ultra-smooth slow motion. Royalty free music to avoid copyright strikes for maximum online exposure both at home and abroad

Access our raw files

Do you have in house editors? Do you want to keep the footage for future social media marketing? We can deliver RAW files when requested.

How does it work?

To film
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Plan for roughly 1.5 hours to film a large home

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Video is delivered quickly and to your specifications

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After a home sells keep the footage and reuse it on social media.

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Ahvendre is a full spectrum media marketing company that specializes in photography, video and web design.

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