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We take bright, beautiful photos to make your listings look big without using an ultra wide angle lens that can cause distortion and exaggerate size. Our photos look natural, crisp and dynamic. Our photographers use the same processing techniques to ensure a consistent look over time

Residential Real-estate photography

How does it work?

Book online or by phone

Someone is always available to take your call, or if you prefer, just to to our reservation form and fill out a form to let us know all the details needed to get started

Details shots

Detail shots are up close and personal photos of space used to convey mood and energy. They're not only beautiful but can be used to for marketing

Fast or slow

Save money and get your photos delivered slower or have them ready first thing in the am for when you're rushed.

Choose HDR or natural

Chose from HDR photography to make your listing pop or natural photography for magazine style shots

Photoshopped sky

If it's raining outside don't let that get you down. Interior photos look great when clouds diffuse the sun, and we'll fix exterior shots with a little photoshop magic at no extra cost

Personalized service

We try to make photos look similar regardless of the photographer but some clients might prefer working with one of us over another. If you have a preference let us know when you make your reservation and we will do our best to make it happen.

About us

Ahvendre is a full spectrum media marketing company that specializes in photography, video and web design.

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