Say Cheese

#1 Tip to get your home ready for photos

Get rid of everything on surfaces! That’s the gist of it. Table tops. Counters. Bookshelves. Night tables. Most people have a lot of stuff and its got to go somewhere. But where?

I’ll get to where in a minute, first the obvious: we don’t take photos in closets, attics and almost never in garages either. So if your surfaces are full of stuff don’t over think it, just take a couple boxes and scoop up everything on every surface and tuck it away where the sun don’t shine.

That’s the easiest and fastest way to remove clutter and get your home ready for your photographer. Once the photos are done, you can take it back out and get back to living in your home.

There’s no faster way to improve your photos than removing clutter. Good luck!

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