Does photography still matter?

My gut tells me they don't, but no one seems to agree. With most agents offering new ways of getting to know a home with 3D tours, floor plans and videos, I think I could argue that photos are an after thought from the "olden days" that don't serve much purpose in today's high-tech market place. What's the point of having photos if you can walk through every inch of a listing using your phone,...

Say Cheese

#1 Tip to get your home ready for photos Get rid of everything on surfaces! That's the gist of it. Table tops. Counters. Bookshelves. Night tables. Most people have a lot of stuff and its got to go somewhere. But where? I'll get to where in a minute, first the obvious: we don't take photos in closets, attics and almost never in garages either. So if your surfaces are full of stuff don't over think...

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