Enhancing Real Estate Photography: Exploring the Flambient Method

The flambient method is a technique in real estate photography that blends ambient light and off-camera flash to capture well-exposed and visually appealing interior shots. It is especially useful in challenging lighting conditions with high contrast. Unlike HDR photography, flambient creates a more balanced and natural look. Compared to regular flash photography, flambient offers more control and subtlety. The technique requires additional effort and expertise, resulting in superior visuals that help real estate agents attract potential buyers.

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Does photography still matter?

My gut tells me they don't, but no one seems to agree. With most agents offering new ways of getting to know a home with 3D tours, floor plans and videos, I think I could argue that photos are an after thought from the "olden days" that don't serve much purpose in today's high-tech market place. What's the point of having photos if you can walk through every inch of a listing using your phone,...

Say Cheese

#1 Tip to get your home ready for photos Get rid of everything on surfaces! That's the gist of it. Table tops. Counters. Bookshelves. Night tables. Most people have a lot of stuff and its got to go somewhere. But where? I'll get to where in a minute, first the obvious: we don't take photos in closets, attics and almost never in garages either. So if your surfaces are full of stuff don't over think...

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